Mortal fashion and immortal art;

somewhere in a melancholy, down-to-earth state between dream and reality

Henrica Langh is a designer, artist, and MA researcher inspired by anatomy, the fragile chaos of the psyche, and our delicate excistence in this world. By fusing design, poetry, and artistic expression, Henrica creates art projects and ready-to-wear collections that explore dress as our second skin and emotional extensions.


She graduated with a distinction in Applied Imagination at Central Saint Martins in 2018. Her final project, Magical Fragments, explores howemotional clothing can be used as access points for self-reflective storytelling. The thesis has been tested through

a creative workshop method that extracts emotions and associations from specific items of clothing and translates them into poetic narratives.


Her ready-to-wear pieces are born from a combined love of design and art, and a desire to create fashion with a heart. 

Conscious design, quality, sustainable material sourcing, and ethical small-scale production are some of the main focus points in the ready-to-wear collections. Each item is consciously designed down to the smallest details, and ethically manufactured in Europe.

Ready-to-wear for the conscious femme fatale



Statement pieces for women who want looks that kill without harming the world around us.



  • Timeless classics with a twist
  • Unique design details
  • Consciously produced natural materials
  • Sustainably sourced components and trims
  • Ethical small-scale and made-to-order production
  • Sustainable unwrapping experience

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