- A morbid anatomy of emotions -

This collection consists of two layers. The first layer comprises corsets inspired by both the physical side and the psycological side of the human body. The corsets were buried in the ground for several weeks which gives them a dilapidated and stained look as well as layers of meaning. While visually representing the bones and muscles underneath our skin, metaphorically the corsets symbolise our most intimate thoughts and feelings.


The second layer symbolises the armour that covers our fragile bodies. The garments cover the body almost completely only giving a little glimpse of what is underneath. It is a metaphor of all the things we use to hide and protect ourselves with. These garments can protect, distract, show true feelings, or lie.


The collection was created as an exploration of fashion design as a form of art and is a part of Henrica Langh's thesis

'The Morbid Anatomy of Emotions'.

Copyright Henrica Langh 2017

All rights reserved