The word 'canvas' can refer to a type of weave, the blank surface a fine artist paints on, or to the metaphorical blank surfaces of the human body and mind on which images are formed by experiences, memories, fears, and reflections from society and surrounding cultures, as well as tangible things like clothes, jewellery, or body modifications.

’Canvas’ is an interdisciplinary collaboration bringing together Henrica Langh and painter Sirpa Sarkijarvi. Langh created a collection of blank garments which were visually completed by the painter's bold and expressive brushstrokes. The understanding of a canvas as a blank, flat surface is reconceptualised using three-dimensional shapes.

The collection visually explores the theme of existence in a world of chaos, beauty, and pain. It is about nostalgia and memories that would best be forgotten, mortality, identity, and relationships. The paintings of female figures are based on and inspired by Henrica Langh’s writings and thoughts, and the discussions between the designer and the painter. Each dress has a name based on which Sirpa Sarkijarvi has created a unique painting.

Photos by Atte Tanner

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