Memento Mori /Agliophobia r-t-w was inspired by the artistic project with the same name, and just like the artistic collection, the ready-to-wear collection consists of two layers. The first layer symbolises what is underneath; our deepest inner thoughts, feelings, and fears. This is life at its most vulnerable. The second layer is the everyday armour we wear. These are things we hide underneath, express ourselves with,

and protect ourselves with; the things that keep the vulnerable inside from falling apart, things that give us strength.

This ready-to-wear collection is designed to be 'mortal', meaning that once a garment eventually reaches the end of its life cycle, it is easy to take apart and dispose of with minimal harm to the environment. All fabrics used in the collection are 100% natural fibres and were carefully chosen so to create clothes that feel good against the skin. The fabrics are organic or otherwise sustainably produced and free from toxic chemicals.

The collection consists of statement pieces with unique details, meant to become love stories in your wardrobe. With interesting design elements, classic cuts, and quality craftsmanship, these statement pieces are created for longevity. The collection is an ongoing project that will keep evolving and growing, instead of a season-specific collection of trends.

Clothes created to become part of your story.

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