- Mortal fashion and immortal art; somewhere in a melancholy, down-to-earth state between dream and reality -

The brand Henrica Langh was born from a combined love of design and art, and a desire to create fashion with a heart. Henrica Langh creates ready-to-wear statement pieces and art projects by combining fashion design and artistic expression. By fusing the design and artistic processes she strives for results in the interplaying spaces between fashion and art. Since they can always be linked to the body, dress and fashion make interesting artistic media. Drawing inspiration from the human body, the main themes that can be found in all artistic projects and ready-to-wear collections

by Henrica Langh are anatomy, the psyche, mortality, and emotions.


While exploring the use of dress as an artistic medium, Henrica Langh also uses creative processes and design to build a brand with minimal harmful impact on the surrounding world. Conscious design, quality, sustainable material sourcing, and ethical small-scale production are some of the main factors that make Henrica Langh's collections a better choice. However, a constant questioning of choices and existing viewpoints, as well as a continuous striving for better alternatives with the

long-term objective of being good and not just better are the most important sustainability practices within the brand.


Clothing is more than just a mere construction of fabric. It is a second skin; an extension of the body and the self.

Clothing inspires, expresses, and protects. It is an important part of us and our personal culture. We should value both the clothes we choose to wear and the world we live in by buying and wearing our clothes consciously and with feeling.

Rather than mindlessly wasting money on shortlived fast fashion trends, we should enjoy the experience of buying

and wearing items made with passion and respect.


The ready-to-wear collections by Henrica Langh are created for people who put their heart into what they wear.

These clothes are created for people who value individuality and quality and also care about how and where their clothes

are made. The most important brand values of passion, creativity, quality, and respect are incorporated throughout the

whole design process. Each product is created with heart from start to finish and sustainability is taken into

account in every little detail.